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We live in a busy, demanding, and fast paced world where it seems like it is hard to find the time to stop and breathe. As a parent, mentor, or anyone who has a child it seems very difficult to find the time or energy to engage, play, or have intentional conversation with your child.  Most of one’s day is occupied by work, and at the end of the day it is just easy to give your child your tablet, cell phone, or some type of device to keep them busy until they fall asleep.  Even though that way is easy as well as understandable that should not be our superhero to save the day.   It is important to spend time with our children and one of the best ways to achieve that is by reading to them.  We are in a technology driven world and the children of today are very technology savvy, so physical books are not as valued as they once were years ago.  It is our job as parents, mentors, and educators to take time and read to our children.  Reading is a very simple task but it has so many amazing and lasting benefits for both adults and children. 

            When a book is opened, and read to a child a bond is being either developed or made stronger.  When a parent can use their childlike imagination to connect with their child it becomes a nurturing moment.  Children love to use their imagination and they love to explore and discover new things and books allow them to expand their little worlds.  When a child’s imagination is being fostered their confidence, level grows and they feel they can conquer anything.  No matter what type of book is being read, what type of silly narrative voice is being used, or what type of crazy body motions are being used to make the story come alive, a child is learning from the time the book is open from the time the book is closed.  Children not only learn how to use their imaginations, but they are also learning basic speech, more logical thinking skills, the fundamentals of language, and better communication skills.

            We support all of the authors, teachers and the many great websites that look to find ways to educate and challenge the imagination our youth.  Here are some that we recommend and all you have to do is click on the picture to visit the site:

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