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​Remember to always stay hydrated when doing anything active!

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So summer is over and school is back in session the first few weeks can be exciting and scary. I share a few helpful tips and tricks I used in my classroom. 📚🖍✏️

Did You Know?

Hello I am Rhonda D. Brooks Co-Creator of The Wallaroos. Welcome to the Parents' Café.  The Cafe' is designed just for the parents and care givers. Here you can read our news letter, explore various activities for your kids, get behavioral tips, download pamphlets and other great information.  So welcome aboard.  You can also contact me at thewallaroos@gmail.com

The Parents' Cafe

​Yoga is a great exercise and can be very calming.  To make it more fun and creative ask your little ones to try to make up their own poses!

When it comes to teaching our kids there are 7 primary learning styles:

Visual (Spatial) – These individuals learn best through pictures, images, and spatial understanding
Aural (Auditory)– These individuals learn best through sound and music
Verbal (Linguistic) – These individuals learn best through words, verbal and/or written
Physical (Kinesthetic) – These individuals learn best through experience and rely on the sense of touch
Logical (Mathematical)– These individuals learn best through logic and reasoning
Social (Interpersonal)– These individuals learn best through group interaction
Solitary (Intrapersonal) – These individuals learn best through self-study

Many kids learn from a blended style of learning but it is key for you to understand how your child learns best.  Your child could fall behind because they could be in a classroom setting that does not effectively encompasses his or her learning style.  That is also why it is critical to each day go over what your child has learned that day to make sure they are understanding it.  Also, be sure to communicate to those who are in charge of teaching your child the learning style that your child learns best in.

Unleashing Your Imagination

​Summer is here and that may mean you and the little ones have more time together.  This time can be a great opportunity for your kiddos to learn some great habits that can be very beneficial for everyone! Exercising can be a time for learning and bonding for the whole family. Here are a few ways to engage with your child and get some great exercise at the same time.  Remember make these activities a learning moment by asking and answering questions and modeling the behavior for that activity.  Remember to have a FUN-VENTUROUS Time!





Playing Ball




Jump Rope

​Hide and Seek