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"Welcome to Jaliyah's World"

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My Spring Break Weekend at Six Flags with the Family 3/19-3/21 2021

Graduating to Middle School

Fish Face Challenge

"Me and the Horses"

"Several Years Ago, I would go to Watch my Uncle Ben (Denji) Play College Football - that was fun."

"Me with Karl and Katie"

Me and My Little Sister Jada at Geyser Falls Water Park in Philadelphia MS 7/9/22

Do You Like To Dance?

I got 1st Place in the Science Fair at Mississippi State University

Hanging with my Pawpaw at Church

My World jaliyah

We are Family - I got my Mama, Nana, Tee Tees, Sisters, Cousins and Me!!!

"Welcome To Jaliyah's world" is based upon the fun times and some not so fun times that Jaliyah has. The 11-year-old loves to learn, dance, have fun, meet friends, be very creative, dream and just be a sweet little girl who sometimes get into a little trouble that most 11-year old's normally do. "Welcome to Jaliyah's World" is a production of Rod-TV65.

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I practice Karate every Thursday

"When I was a youngster at the age of 6 I knew I could dream and have fun.  Now I am 3 years older, and I still believe it."


Do I look uncomfortable?

Me and One of My Besties - Channing